The Writer's Voice #2

Teachers, students, parents celebrating writing

What is it?

The "Writer's Voice" is a publication featuring 4th grade writing at Laura Welch Bush Elementary. Side by side writing prompts will be offered for parents to write with their child. There will be a STAAR helpful hint as well to guide parents and students as they continue on the quest of developing effective writing.

A personal narrative...what does it need?

Criteria for a good personal narrative.

1. An engaging beginning or a hook.

2. A focused topic that answers the prompt.

3. Details that "paint a picture" for the read and are connected to the prompt.

4. Word choice that makes the reader linger...or stay engaged in the pictured moment.

5. Well constructed varied sentences.

6. Strong conclusion.

How to help "paint the picture" with details. A strategy to try.


What is it?

What does it look like?

Why is it important?

If I am writing about picking Daisy up from the shelter as my "surprising time," I want to develop the first thing I noticed about her. Then I can move on to the next happenings.

I first saw her eyes. They were round and chocolate brown with a tinge of mischief. They were eyes that melted my heart. Eyes that greet me every day with unconditional love.

*In the fast world we live in, it is important in a personal narrative to not be too list-like. Stay on an idea long enough to make your reader understand the reason you chose to put it into your essay.