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The Murder in Greenwich Village Apartments By Jaime Aguilar

Greenwich Village, New York 1954

In Greenwich, a tragedy that started with the death of a suspicious acting dog, ended with the solving of a murder case. Most residents of Greenwich were busy living their lives to notice what had happened, luckily a photographer who was vacationing because of injuries noticed the suspicious activity and put the clues together to find out exactly what happened to Mrs. Thorwald, along with his girlfriend,Lisa Carol Fremont, and his nurse Stella.

A seemingly innocent man was found out to have murdered his wife, saw her into pieces, and scattered her body across the East River.

Feminism Today In The 1950s

In the 1950s, feminists fought for equal rights and to be allowed to make their own decisions when it came to having kids and where they worked. Because a lot of men were deployed to war during the time, a lot of women began working outside of their home in jobs that used to be dominated by men. Women then saw this as an opportunity to fight for equal pay as men and fight against sex-segregation.

In today's world, feminists mostly fight over what seems to offend them and how some small things that only bother them should be changed.

What is the connection/comparison between?

Although they both are for women's best interests, some things being fought for are more justified than others.

Feminist Critical Analysis

L.B. Jefferies - Feminists would see him as a typical man that complains about not wanting to come home to a nagging wife.

Lisa Fremont - Feminists would say she's wasting her time with Jeff because he doesn't want to marry her, but it seems like he then changed his mind when she got involved into trying to solve the mystery and goes into Thorwald's house.

Stella - Feminists would see her kind of like the person trying to give advice to Jeff. In the beginning of the story she warns him that one day he'll see something he wasn't supposed to if he keeps looking out the window and spying on his neighbors.

Lars Thorwald - Feminists would see him as someone that's disgusting and took advantage of a disabled woman for his own selfish needs. They would point him out as a typical "macho" man and say all men could be like that.

In this world, women are showed to have most power over men when it comes to relationships. It's usually women that have the last say in things and men just kinda go with it. With the dancer, men are usually all over her and she can pretty much just have them do what she wanted. With Lisa and Jeff, they argued and Jeff seemed to have control of the argument until Lisa took control by saying goodbye to him.