TEAM Anderson Times

November 17, 2015

Happy Snow Day! It's hard to believe that next week is Thanksgiving and we are almost done with the 1st semester! This year is going by so fast!

Reading/Social Studies

It's been great being able to integrate reading and social studies. We have kicked off our PBL unit on "Take a Risk." I'm sure your child has talked about the Westward Expansion interactive book we read a couple of weeks ago. They experienced being a settler, a Native American and having to find a job back when Colorado was trying to become a state. The children also role played authentic situations and discussed the risks, outcomes and motivations involved. Everyday the children are making connections and sharing risks and the outcomes they are experiencing. We are now reading about prehistoric people and the risks and outcomes they had to endure. The World Class Outcome we are covering is "Evaluate the relationship between cause and effect."

This project is designed to teach CO history in a manner authentic to own lives and experiences. Students will learn more about the motives that brought settlers to Colorado, and explore decisions that were made and risks that were taken in the process. There will be an authentic connection to the students by researching how their family/ancestors arrived in U.S./CO and the risks and motives involved.

4th grade will be inviting all of you into our classrooms to view/listen to projects about how your family/ancestors immigrated into the United States or how your family arrived in Colorado. The date is yet to be determined. We will let you know!


In writing, we are starting to write informational paragraphs on what we are learning in Social Studies. The goal is to have learned how to write a multi-paragraph essay.

Almost daily, the children's morning warm up is writing. With our schedule it's been very beneficial being able to meet with the kids one-on-one about 3 times a week. I have seen a lot of improvement.


All of the 4th grade math classes are concentrating on geometry, converting units of time, and multiplicative comparison problems. Please continue to encourage your child to practice math facts nightly. It makes such a big difference in being able to solve problems more quickly with less frustration.

Dates to Remember

  • Nov. 25-29 Thanksgiving Break
  • Dec. 18- Jan. 3 Winter Break

Special Rotations

Nov. 16 - P.E.

Nov. 23 - Music

Nov. 30 - Art

Dec. 7 - Tech

Dec. 14 - P.E.

Every Tuesday - Library book checkout

Every Thursday from 10:10-10:55 - Electives