Hawthorne Happenings

Week of 4/24-4/28

Hello all,

Things are winding down quickly!! We are into the last week of April!! That means we are at a point of the year where we need to show our appreciation for each other. Next week, 5/1-5/5 is Teacher Appreciation Week. I know everyone has their own appreciation week/day (Professional Assistant Week, School Nurse Week, Paraprofessional Week, Assistant Principal Day, Principal Week, etc.), but I would like to combine all of those weeks/days into one Staff Appreciation Week. I don't want to hold anyone higher than anyone else or exclude anyone. I have arranged a number of different things through the week of 5/1-5/5 that will be open to everyone. I will announce that list at our staff meeting on 4/25 and will list it in next week's Hawthorne Happenings. I will clue you in on one such item. My wife and kids and I will be purchasing and delivering Sonic sodas or slushes to everyone who would like one. There will be a sign up sheet in the office where you can list the drink you would like. Please sign up if you are interested by the end of the week so we can make plans.

In addition, Staff Appreciation Week should not just be about me appreciating the staff, it should also be about the staff appreciating each other. I will be coming around with bowl with a collection of every Hawthorne employees name in it. I will have everyone draw out a name. Sometime during Staff Appreciation Week I would like everyone to do something nice for the person whose name they have drawn (Personalized note, small gift, assist them in some way, etc.). We're in a tough stretch of the year. Everyone needs to feel appreciated, so let's appreciate each other.

Let's have a great week!!

Week of 4/24-4/28

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MAP and FAST window opens - 4/24

Our Spring assessment windows both open on Monday, 4/24. Fast will remain open through Friday, 5/19. MAP will remain open through Friday, 5/12. The earlier you can assess your students the better!

Crown Jewel Luncheon - 4/26

On Wednesday, 4/26, during lunch in the staff lounge will be the Crown Jewel Luncheon. There will be pulled pork sandwiches available. Kindergarten, 1st Grade, Title, and Specials teachers will be provided other goodies for the luncheon. Please remember to sign up if you plan on eating at the luncheon so we know how much meat to smoke. See everyone there!!

Associates meeting at KMS - 4/26

This Wednesday, 4/26, all associates will be meeting at the Middle School from 2:00-3:00.

Birthday Lunch & Bookstore - 4/27

Mike gone - 4/26-4/28

As a reminder, I will be gone Wednesday, 4/26 - Friday, 4/28. I will try my best to respond to emails as best as I can, but my wife and I will be working hard to get ourselves into our new home so I apologize in advance if I am delayed. Also, please feel free to call (319)795-7072 if there is something urgent.

Looking Ahead...

  • 5/1-5/5 - Staff Appreciation Week
  • 5/1 - K Hinton to Keokuk Public Library
  • 5/2 - 3rd Grade (Umthun & Reiter) to Nauvoo
  • 5/2 - Teacher of the Year reception @ Hawthorne
  • 5/3 - Kindergarten Character Counts
  • 5/3 - 1st Grade (Cox, Votroubek, Biggerstaff) to Wilson Lake
  • 5/3 - PRESS training with Amy Thacher
  • 5/4-5/5 - Scholastic Book Fair
  • 5/4 - K Bruce to Keokuk Public Library
  • 5/4 - 3rd Grade (Folluo & Wessel) to Nauvoo
  • 5/4 - Kindergarten Character Counts Lunch @ HyVee
  • 5/5 - 3rd Grade (Hetzel & Brooks) to Nauvoo

"It's always a great day to be at Hawthorne!"