TIA Cohort E

Honoring Teacher Excellence OCTOBER 5, 2022

What's the TIA ID?

The TEA ID is also called the TEA Test ID, and is tied to educator certification accounts in TEAL. This serves as both another point to confirm each teacher’s identify, and is also used to place designations on certificates for those who earn a designation.

Districts will upload a text file with teacher SSNs and it will come back with the TEA ID and certificate info, which they can disregard. Most certification officers/HR are familiar with this report. Note that not all teachers will have a TEA ID, usually CTE, charter school employees or other DoI teachers who are uncertified.

Running-the-ECOS-Certification-Report.docx (live.com)

As a flag, this information is included in the district data submission directions and FAQ.

Data Submission Directions

Data Submission FAQ

Cohort E year at a glance

  • Aug – review plan, schedule out & create pre/post tests, SLOs, calendar out all walkthroughs, calibrations & data (skew) meetings

  • Sept – Starting Your Data Capture Year — kick-off session with best practices and reminders about their system, application alignment, BOY student growth measures. Here is the presentation if you missed the webinar.

  • Oct – PIEMS Fall and Class Roster submissions + check for new teacher hires that have TIA Designations OR National Board Cert. (earned designations in other districts)

  • Oct 19 – Setting Expected Growth Targets

  • Dec 7 – Check in on Data Capture yr & District Panel on Data Capture Review best practices for data capture year, review lessons learned from year 4 submission, and learned from other LEAs.

  • Jan/Feb 23 – refresh on best practices and preparing to administer EOY growth measures and complete appraisals

  • Summer/Fall Support with data submission (help districts pull data from different sources into the data submission template)

  • EOY-Summer – Determining Designations (ESCs could preview this information the spring and then partner with districts over the summer)

  • TEA and TTU led in the Fall – Data Submission Office Hours, ESCs can also attend

Per TEA...

  • An official TEA TIA manual is coming soon!
  • Here is a list of all the webinars TEA will host this year, including registration links. Related webinars will be listed as Cohort A-E and cohort E.TIA has updated their website and added many new features!
  • If a district has changed TIA leads, please direct them to update their contacts via the Letter of Intent and have them email tia@tea.texas.gov to receive past communications.

    According to TEA, approximately 75%-85% of LEAs were successful in the Step 2 data check.


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