Tower of London

By Rachael


The Tower of London is 20.90 pounds for a Adult, a child is 10.45 pounds, a family is 55 pounds and concession is 17.60 pounds. The location is Tower Hill District circle, London.


When it was built

It was built to remember that the king was Powerful. It was used for different reasons at different times. The Tower of London was built at the start of the 11th century. It Was originally was a wooden building which was replaced by the white tower. The Oldest part of the tower is the white tower. The Maine entrance of the Tower it at the Byward Tower.

Why it is popular and a bit about it.

It is popular because it has the greatest working collection of jewels in the world. It has a moat around it and is very old. The Tower of London has graffiti in side by prisoners a long time ago. It has been a Royal Palace, fortress, prison, a royal zoo and safe place to keep the Jewels.

Crown Jewels

In the jewel collection there is a spoon made of gold and it has the crowns from the coronations. The Crown Jewels have been displaced since the 17th century. Most of the Jewels were created in the 1660. The Jewels can be found in the Jewel House, which is part of the Waterloo Barracks.


The Beefeaters are dressed in historic and they are not only guards, but also give tours. They are some times they are called the Yeoman Warders. One of about the 40 Beefeaters is known as the Raven master. They are responsible of the ravens that have been living here for centuries.
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