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January 18 th, 2016

This week’s elementary blog post is all about digital math manipulatives! There are app versions for the iPad (FREE). In addition there are web versions for your SMART Board, teacher computer, or student computers! Check it out!

Kindness in the Classroom

Shout Outs!

Thank you Mrs. Wasserman for the neat video on how a teacher inspires her students to be kind every day inside and outside the classroom. Great idea to celebrate kindness on Valentine's Day!

Thank you Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Trejo, Mrs. Delgado, Mrs. Grubb, and Mrs. Thompson for organizing and directing our campus spelling bee!

Shout out to Mr. Georges for assisting Mrs. Elliott with science lab duties!

Shout out to Mrs. Burroughs for ensuring all students completed their STAR math test before the window closed!

Shout to Carrie Rushing for her dedication and cheery attitude at Binion for past several years. We will certainly miss you!

Upcoming Events

Monday January 18th - MLK Holiday, Professional Learning Day/Flex Day

Tuesday January 19th Orange 1-3rd 6 Weeks Grades Due, Dynawriter 4th grade during specials

Wednesday January 20th Yellow 2- Windsuit Wednesday, ARDS, BWBA Luncheon, District LOL meeting, Dynawriter 4th grade during specials, Smith-AP ILT (AM)

Thursday January 21th Green 3-5th grade symphony, Speech ARDS, Dynawriter 4th grade during specials, 6 Weeks Birthday Luncheon

Friday-January 22th Blue 4- 5th grade visit to RMS, Dynawriter 4th grade during specials

Saturday January 23rd-NRH PD Unidos Hispanic Outreach program 9:00-4:00 p.m.

Monday January 25th Purple 5- Math MOY Collaboratives during conference,

Brittany's Corner

Testing Info

January 4-15

STAR Math, K-12 - If you have students who didn't complete their STAR math test, please have them do so on Tuesday.

January 25

Collaborative Conferences, K-12 math - We will have MATH collaborative conferences during your planning time on this day. Please come prepared with your STAR math data and any other data that you feel will be beneficial to determine the Tier placement of your students.

January 18-29

STAR Early Literacy/Reading, K-8

January 18-29

ISIP, K-3 (Bilingual classrooms only)

January 18-29

STAR Reading in English

(Bilingual 4th and 5th)*

January 26

All written composition scores are DUE in AWARE. I will hunt you down, I mean remind you, as we approach that date if your scores have not been submitted. :-)

February 3

Collaborative Conferences, K-8 reading

*Bilingual students who are newcomers (3 years of less in US schools) or significantly below grade level in reading (Tier 3 in English) will also need to be tested in Spanish with the WRAP.

I know the bilingual testing expectations were kind of confusing, so if you have questions about what your students are supposed to be taking, please don't hesitate to ask.

As always, you can allow your students to take their MOY screener during their computer time with Mrs. Dotson OR you can sign up to take your class at another time. Please see Mrs. Dotson or Ms. Venegas for open computer times.

Mrs. Calahan told me that she still has several openings for K-2 students for Istation in ASPIRE. Guys, this is a GREAT opportunity that can truly be beneficial for our Bobcats. If you have any Tier 2 or Tier 3 reading students, please submit their name to Lydia.

The video below reminds me of WHY we do what we do. It even made me teary-eyed and I DO NOT get teary-eyed easily. Make sure you watch until the very end. You have the power to truly impact and change lives. Not many people get the privilege of doing that. I'm so blessed to work alongside so many talented, loving, and compassionate educators.
What Happened When Teachers Found Out How Students Felt About Them

Jeff's Corner

I always enjoy it as we get close to the types of academic competitions in which our children participate. Whether it's Reflections, Spelling Bee, Battle of the Books, Destination Imagination, or others, it takes teacher and parent support. Thanks for your ownership and encouragement of these endeavors!

With the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday approaching, look for those teachable moments about an individual whose contributions and sacrifices have benefited us all.
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Staff Birthdays

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