PFES - Board Report

October 20, 2020

October Activities and Accomplishments

  • I am now seeing teachers combining their Smartboards, the tech teaching stations, and document cameras to show all the children digital material and videos seamlessly with handwritten examples using the document camera.
  • I completed 12 teacher observations this past month.
  • The number of virtual students in the PFES increased from 29 to 34 but appears to have stabilized.
  • We have now successfully taught to an entire classroom virtually as a result of a class quarantine situation and had a teacher teach her class from her home while the students sat in her classroom. We are able to respond flexibly to the demands of COVID 19. This was our goal from the beginning and is an impressive achievement.
  • The PFES had 90% of our families participate in virtual Parent Teacher Conferences on October 12 and 13. Parents had a choice of scheduling a Google Meet or phone conference. The general sense from the staff is the Google Meet conferences were better than the phone conferences.

CESA 12 Reading Instruction Coaching

Julie Jenson, CESA 12 Reading Specialist and former Chequamegon Employee. Working together, we observed English Language Arts and Reading instruction. Julie was looking for content, strategies, and learning structure that coincided with the EL Curriculum. I completed My Learning Plan observations on a couple of staff and then after Julie and I compared our observations. This provided me with tips on identifying specific teaching strategies related to the EL curriculum. We also studied our Aimsweb Data which helped me understand our Gap issues and prepared conversations with a couple of grade levels. Julie also provided feedback to each teacher. This time is very valuable for me and the teachers in the building and I will be scheduling a follow-up.

Halloween Activities

The Park Falls Elementary will allow costumes on Halloween and have classroom parties for a period of time on Friday, October 30. This will be in place of the Halloween Parade.

Veteran's Day

We are preparing a video Veteran's Day celebration in place of our normal Veteran's Day celebration. Look for that to be released on November 11.

District Safety

During the week of October 19, each building completed the scheduled tornado drill. Teachers reviewed the tornado safe position in their classrooms which maintained small groups and social distancing. I reviewed the communications with the student body that would happen in the event of a tornado watch and warning situation.