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Casady Opie Dec 15, 2014

Charles Edward Weidman, Jr

He was born July 22, 1901

He died July 15, 1975

Charles Weidman spent most of his time in new York that's where he made his stuff and mainly preformed on stage practicing and directing mainly to improve his own modern dancing but he went to Asia and England is where he normally did his performances.

At age 19 he revived a scholarship to the Denishaw school and soon became a leading Denishawn dancer. Weidman continued to create dances, perform, and teach and establishing a school and company of his own. He has danced for many Broadway shows, revus and operas. He has danced until he died he never stopped he was a talented dancer.

Charles Weidman contributed to the world of dance and modern dance by believing that what ever you think you can do you will be able to do it. He worked his way up to by performing every weekly performance to show people what he has made and to practice so he can be on Broadway is how he contributed.

A couple of interesting facts about Weidman was that he was born in Nebraska and died in New York. He was a major innovator of America modern dance. Developed and employed in his comic and satirical works. He danced for many things like theater, opera, and even night clubs. He did regular weekly performances until his death in 1975
Some of the dances names where "Lysistrata", and "school for husbands", and "alcina suite".
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