The Wednesday Wars

By: Gary D. Schmidt


The Wednesday Wars is about Holling Hoodhood, a charming 7th grader waiting for summer to come. When he first starts class on the first day of school, he knows his teacher, Mrs. Baker, doesn't like him. According to him, she is always finding a way to mess with him. Holling's father tells him to be on his best behavior with Mrs. Baker because he is worried about his business. His behavior depicts the success of his father's business. Holling will have to have much self control if he wants to stay on Mrs. Baker's good side.

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Gary D. Schmidt

(Calvin College, 2016)
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The Wednesday Wars

(Barnes and Noble Booksellers, Inc, 1997 - 2016)


  • Holling Hoodhood - He is an average 7th grader with a fear of his teacher. He feels as if she doesn't like him. He's paranoid and thinks the worse of her.
  • Mrs. Baker - She is just a teacher with an attitude. She's just trying to do her job and run her family business. With her job comes difficulties, like maintaining her composure.
  • Doug Swieteck - He's controlling and doesn't know how to treat people fairly. He bosses others and thinks of himself as imperious when he is only a comrade to many. Everyone mistakes him as a friend.
  • Doug Swieteck's brother - He is a rebel. He curses, vandalizes, and has been to jail before. He's not the ideal kid for a classmate comrade.
  • Meryl lee - She is bossy, and likes it. She feels the need to boss others because she views herself as a person of authority.
  • Danny Hupfer - He is Holling's best friend. He's supportive, but at the same time he treats Holling badly. I think Holling doesn't realize this because he just wants a friend.

Main Conflict

The main conflict is the relationship between Holling and Mrs. Baker. This conflict is external because it deals with two people. Holling is paranoid because he thinks she (Mrs. Baker) doesn't like him. He thinks this way because one the first day of school, she looked at him in a way that could be misinterpreted. Holling has struggles with this because he wants to defend himself, but it might jeopardize his father's business.

Main Events

  • Holling meets Mrs. Baker.
  • Holling develops a theory that Mrs. Baker hates him and will try anything to torture him.
  • Holling trips Doug Swieteck's during soccer.
  • The principal delivers the news to Holling that every Wednesday afternoon, he must stay after school to have tutoring classes from Mrs. Baker.
  • Holling attends the Wednesday classes, but doesn't like them.
  • Holling s told to deliver trays of cream puffs to Mrs. Baker's classroom.
  • Mrs. Baker tells Holling to pound the erasers on the side of the wall outside, to clean them off.
  • When Holling is banging on the wall with the chalky erasers, chalk dusts lands on the cream puffs.
  • Mrs. Baker offers Holling a cream puff, but he doesn't eat it.
  • Holling is told to clean out the rat's cage, and he does it without complaining.
  • The rats escape out of the cage, and climb into the vents.
  • Holling is threatened by his friends because they found out he got a cream puff and they all want one.
  • Holling brings in cream puffs, but the rats ate them during their recess.
  • Holling made a deal with the owner of the bakery shop. Holling would get 24 cream puffs for what he had and he must play a role in the Shakespeare play - as a fairy.
  • Mrs. Baker's company chooses Holling's father's business for landscaping assistance.


"Happy endings. That's how it is in Shakespeare. But Shakespeare is wrong. Sometimes there isn't a Prospero to make everything fine again. And sometimes the quality of mercy is strained."

(Schmidt, PG. 72)


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