Effects of Illegal Immigrants

By Oliver Wang and Shreyas Satewar

Loss of jobs

When immigrants come to the United States they search for jobs and compete against US citizens. For example, when Ramusen Reports did a survey, they found "51% of Americans believed they are competing against immigrants living in the country without work permits" (Silva 1). Americans should not have to compete against illegal immigrants. Americans deserve a fair environment when competing for jobs.

Killing American Citizens on Highways

" ..Illegal immigrants kill 13 people on average everyday on our highway" (Elliott 1).

Illegal immigrants often have rash driving which results in deadly crashes. Innocent Americans have to suffer because illegal immigrants do rash driving, This is not fair because the Americans worked hard to get here and are treated poorly.

Will cause strain on social services

"Legalizing millions of mostly poor people, many of whom have no job, security or health insurance, will put a stain on already strained social services"(Seminara 1).

American citizens cause a strain on social services like 911 and social security. Legalizing the immigrants would make the tax rate increase to pay for social services. The innocent American citizens will have to suffer unfair conditions.


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