How You Can Help Prevent Suicide

Catch The Warning Signs Before It's Too Late

The Warning Signs

These warning signs are just a very small amount of the things to watch for. If someone exhibits several of these examples, take action right away and get them professional help.

Verbal Warnings:
  • "I wish I were dead."
  • "My Family would be better off without me."
  • "I just can't go on any longer."
  • "Nobody needs me."
  • "I'm going to kill myself."

Non-verbal Warnings:

  • Insomnia or excessive sleeping
  • A sudden, unexplained recovery from a severe depression
  • Isolation- either real or perceived
  • Feeling out of control-test failure, caught shoplifting etc.
  • A previous suicide attempt
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Where Can Help Be Found?

A few examples of people or places that can help:
  • School Guidance Counselor or Psychiatrist
  • Suicide Hotlines
  • Rehab centers (Ex. Sierra Tucson Depression Rehab Center)
  • A responsible adult (in the beginning stages or smaller scale to start)
  • National Foundation for Suicide Prevention website
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Suicide is Preventable

Suicide is Preventable Because....

  • In almost all cases the person is just asking for help.
  • The person that is struggling just needs to be shown that people care for them.
  • The person might be feeling lost, so you must show them that there are different ways to make life better.
  • Show them their options like rehab centers etc.
  • If they are feeling like there is nothing left to live for, show them that life has so much to offer. Suicide is not the answer.

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