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Oakdale Eagles Soar

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Thank you for your flexibility with the two 2-hour delay days!!! It went well

KUDOS to Ebony Williams for Math Game Night! Parents really enjoyed it and learned a lot!

Special Thanks to everyone who came Thursday evening for the Math Game Night:) How many found out that they were not "Smarter than a Fifth Grader??

Shout out to the School Culture and College Readiness Committee for the new pledge and for teachers using it to remind students of our expectations!!!

Thank you Fifth Grade for breakfast, it was a great way to end the week!!!

If you are a Panther, I think you have reached the end of the road this year...better luck next year!

Now That You Have Your Data...

Focal Question: How do we maximize student achievement through effective collaboration?

Data Questions to consider:

· What criteria would you use in determining if the instructional goals should be revisited? What evidence is there that progress is being made toward the instructional goals of the school?

· What subgroups are of most significant concern at this point in the year? How do you know? Are there surprises? Challenges? How is this concern being addressed?

· What trends do you notice in discipline? How can this be addressed?

· What criteria would you use in determining if LEP goals are being met and services implemented? How can goals be revised and implemented if needed?

Todays Meet

Take a mid-point break to reflect-What is going well and what are you going to work on in the second half of the year?

Open the link and type your response...

Todays Meet or www.todaysmeet.com/Oakdale


  • Please continue to review the Non-Negotiables
  • Second Round Observations have began!!!!! They are unannounced:)
  • If you have pictures or other information you would to share with the staff send me an email.
  • Please call the sub system as soon as you know you will be out. If you know of an absence in the future, please work on securing a sub.
  • Reminder: All schedule changes take place Jan. 23rd
  • Grade Level Leaders please submit your IA's schedule to me by Friday (1/17)

Schedule for this Week

Monday Jan. 13 Day 1
  • Kinder Parent Meeting 8:15-9:30
  • Half-day planning for 5th (8:00-12:00); 4th (12:00-4:00) in the new planning room

Tuesday Jan. 14 Day 2

  • Half-day planning for 2nd (8:00-12:00); 3rd (12:00-4:00)
  • K. Alexander Principal Meeting

Wednesday Jan. 15 Day 3

  • Math PD in the Media Center @ 7:30 (bring Dreambox homework)
  • Select teachers off campus for MAP Training
  • K. Alexander off campus (PM)

Thursday Jan. 16 Day 5

  • SLT Meeting @ 7:30 in the Media Center
  • Making Meaning PD (8:00-4:00) schedule will be released Monday

Friday Jan. 17 Day 6

  • Half-day planning for Kinder (8:00-12:00); 1st (12:00-4:00)
  • AU to University Lanes (bowling)