Rhode Island

Everyone is welcome!

We have ties to every where!

  • first discovered by Italian explorer, Giovanni de Verrazano, on behalf of France
  • Henry Hudson from Great Britain came on behalf of the Netherlands.
  • the English were the lucky ones to settle here, thanks to Roger Williams and his aspirations for true religious freedom

Official Charter Granted

Monday, Jan. 1st 1663 at 12pm


King Charles II grants charter for Rhode Island, deeming it an official colony.

Fighting for Freedom

Monday, Jan. 1st 1652 at 9pm

Rhode Island, United States


Our people are passionate about the rights of all people. By this time, we spoke out about many colonial injustices such as slavery, capital punishment, and witch trials.

Roger Williams, founder

He left England in search for religious freedom. He left Boston, Massachusetts to escape where he still couldn't fully practice his beliefs, even though he was sent there as a minister. He wanted to separate from the Church of England, and no one agreed with him and everyone thought he was too radical. He founded Rhode Island based on the ideas of religious toleration, separation of church and state, and a refuge for people who suffered from religious persecution.

Anne Hutchinson

She led a group of Massachusetts colonists to Rhode Island. She was found guilty of heresy because of the strictness of the Puritan religion; her punishment was banishment. This group that she led was one of the first permanent establishments after Rhode Island was founded.

She was followed by Catholics, Jews, and others because of the religious freedom she allowed.

New England Colony

Rhode Island is in the southern part of the New England region. Although our farming land isn't the best, our economy thrives. We have many manufacturing industries, particularly shipbuilding, as we are a coastal colony. We have many businesses for fishing, whaling, and shipping. We have plenty of natural resources as well: timber, fur, livestock, copper, rum, and whales.

A little more about us...

As you know, all religions are welcome. We have some of the most freedom you will see in America. That's why you're moving here, so you may as well come to where you will find the absolute best!

Technically, Rhode Island is made up of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, which were initially two separate colonies. England appointed a governor along with a provincial council. Our charter has established rules, but they are flexible enough to make us a largely self-governed colony.

Our government structure is shown in the chart below.

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