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Digital Newsletter - January 2021

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Elementary School

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PAWS Program - Congratulations!

The Oley Valley Elementary School was recently recognized by the Pennsylvania Positive Behavior Support Network for attaining Universal (Tier 1) Initial Implementation With Fidelity for the school-wide positive behavior interventions and support program (PBIS) at the elementary school.

The OVES PBIS program is focused on PAWS Expectations and recognizing the positive contributions of our students on a daily basis.

P - Pride in Our School

A - Act Responsibly

W - Work Hard

S - Show Respect

Students earn Dojo points as individuals and as a class when meeting or exceeding the PAWS Expectations. Students as well as the whole school earn incentives as they earn Dojo points.

We are very proud of our PBIS program at OVES. The program's success can be attributed to the PBIS team of staff members who meet throughout the school year and summer to support the program. Thank you to all the members of the PBIS team!

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Butterflies Are Free and Beautiful!

In art class, the first grade students made caterpillars and second grade students made butterflies. Our fabulous fifth grade students helped to create the background painting. The theme of the mural is Transformation: Change is Possible.

Middle School

Seventh Grade Studies Families Around the World

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Families Around the World

Socially distanced group work in 7th grade geography class took place in early January. Groups examined and analyzed pictures of families from around the world and their groceries for a week. Students plotted the families' location on a map, determined the locations' climate, and discussed whether the families' climate impacted the food they ate. The cost of the groceries was also listed on the picture. Students were amazed at how cheap it was to feed a family of 13 people in Bhutan($5.13) and how expensive it was to feed a family of 5 in Norway($719.49).

High School STEAM Program Gets 3D Printer

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New 3D Printer for Art and STEAM Courses

New 3D Ceramic Printer Brings New Possibilities For Art Students

Students in Mrs. Tomel’s Mechanical Design and STEAM Lab courses have been busy experimenting with a newly-acquired 3D ceramic printer. Obtained through an Oley Valley Community Education Foundation Grant, students have been using this unique piece of machinery to create, revise, and refine design prototypes, learning all sorts of hidden bits of information about materials and processes as they go. This machine will also be utilized in the new Contemporary Art Trends course during the second semester, when Mrs. Tomel’s students will be exploring new and unconventional approaches to art and design. Pictured above you’ll find the printer, alongside an image of Tray Fryberger’s (9th grade) in-progress print for a ceramic cell phone speaker amplifier.

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A Different Kind of Souper Bowl

Seniors Kayla Hetrick, Kayla Maciejewski, and Evan Solley have been working hard this month, making ceramic bowls for the Opportunity House's, 19th Annual Souper Bowl. This event has been held annually at the Crowne Plaza in Reading. Guests can buy tickets for the souper bowl and experience an evening of taste testing soups from some of the best restaurants and local eateries, while also receiving a handmade ceramic bowl made by students and teachers from local high schools and universities. All proceeds from the event support quality of life programs for veterans, adults, children and their families in Berks County. This will be the same great event this year, it will just be curbside pick up instead of dine in! Not only is the event a bit different this year; the bowls being donated by Oley Valley High School will look a little different as well. Some bowls have been hand thrown on the potter's wheel, while others were printed with a 3D ceramic printer, using the design of senior Evan Solley. For more information on the event being held on February 1st, please visit opphouse.org/events/. You may be lucky enough to receive a bowl from one of our own students!


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Oley Valley Agriculture Program Incorporated Vet Tech Courses

Integrating more courses into the Oley Valley High School’s agricultural curriculum has allowed more student’s with an opportunity to take classes of their interest. Recently, the school introduced Vet Tech A and Vet Tech B, both allowing students hands-on experience with animals. Vet Tech A introduces matters of animal behavior, handling and restraint, patient history, and physical exams to the students. Individuals taking this course also learn how to properly monitor and report the animal’s condition as well as communicate with owners. Learning about examination room procedures as well as surgical preparation and equipment is another aspect of this class. Additionally, students learn to identify all of the various breeds of animals they may encounter in a Veterinary Practice. This first semester course offers hands-on experience with several animals, some of which student’s bring in. Grace Prout, an Oley Valley senior and FFA member, brought in her dog Daisy. Using Daisy, Vet Tech Mrs. Kerrie Yost was able to demonstrate a physical examination for the students enrolled in the course. Senior member and student, Taylor Coccagna also brought an animal into the classroom. Coccagna owns several exotic birds, one of which she brought into the school to educate the class on. Austin Kopfer, a junior FFA member brought in two bull calves, Bruce and Bronco. Bruce and Bronco were used by Kopfer to demonstrate management practices including ear tagging and bottle feeding. Another highlight of the first year course was when Oley Valley graduate Mrs. Jaimie Reinard, owner of Breezy Valley German Shorthaired Pointers, brought in thirteen four week old puppies for the students to handle and learn more about canine breeding and puppy care management.

With the second semester beginning, students are being introduced to the curriculum on Vet Tech B. This course provides students a comparative overview of the gross anatomy, microscopic anatomy and physiology of large and small animals, as well as common diseases and ailments that affect specific systems and organs. These students are educated on organ systems structure and function as well as stages of pregnancy in different animals. They will be given the opportunity to examine the interrelation between disease, pathology, and immunology and analyze the effects of different drugs on the animal body and their uses for combating various ailments. Calculating and measuring appropriate dosages for each animal, administering, storing, and inventorying pharmaceuticals are also important factors learned about in this course. Integrating laboratory components into the class, students may dissect animals and examine tissues under a microscope.

Written by FFA Reporter Julie Weidman

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OVHS Recognized by College Board for Equal Gender Representation in Computer Science

The non-profit organization "College Board", widely known as makers of the SAT college entrance exam, Advanced Placement courses, and as operating with the mission of expanding student access to higher education, has recognized Oley Valley High School as a recipient of their AP Computer Science Principles Female Diversity Award for the 2019-2020 school year. College Board's description of the award for the 19-20 school year is as follows:

"The College Board AP® Computer Science Female Diversity Award recognizes schools that are closing the gender gap and expanding young women's access to computer science coursework in AP Computer Science Principles (AP CSP) and AP Computer Science A (AP CSA). Specifically, College Board is honoring schools that have either reached 50% or higher female examinee representation in one of or both AP computer science courses, or whose percentage of the female examinees met or exceeded that of the school's female population, a total of 1,119 schools are being recognized for their work toward equal gender representation during the 2019-2020 school year."

The Oley Valley School District remains committed to growing opportunities for all of our students as they prepare to enter an evolving world when their time in High School comes to a close. Computer Science remains one of the most rapidly growing career fields, and area of interests, for students in today's world and we are proud of the work of our students in this field and plan to continue to work to develop further opportunities for them in the future.


Congratulations Ms. Berryman!

Ms. Lori Berryman, High School Language Arts Teacher, will be presenting her pre-dissertation research on February 26th during a panel entitled "Silent Classrooms - Teachers' Disenfranchised Grief".

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Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness

For families and students who may experience homelessness, information on the McKinney-Vento Act is available on the on the Oley Valley School District Website or see below.

OVSD Homeless Liaison and Unaccompanied Youth Contact:

Mia K. Pietsch, M.Ed

Director of Student Services

Oley Valley School District

17 Jefferson Street Oley, PA 19547

610. 987.4100 ext. 1187 or ext. 1188


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The Oley Valley School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Educator who fully and actively supports equal access for all people regardless of Race, Color, Religion, Gender, Age, National Origin, Veteran Status, Disability, Genetic Information or Testing, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity or Expression and prohibits Retaliation against individuals who bring forth any complaint, orally or in writing, to the employer or the government, or against any individuals who assist or practice in the investigation of any complaint, or otherwise oppose discrimination. Compliance issues/questions should be directed to the Office of the Superintendent.