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What is Hydropower?

Hydropower is energy from moving water like rivers and dams.The water moves into a diagonal tube which makes the water flow into a turbine,the turbine spins the water and the water flows out and does it all over again.

Hydropower plants

Why are alternative energy sources so important?

Alternative energy is so important because it will never run out.Much of our world today uses non-renewable energy but soon we will not have any more of that kind of energy,alternative energy is also clean so it is safe for us to use.

What are the pros and cons?

Here are the pros and cons to hydropower,the pros are it is renewable and consistent,it is made so the fish can still breed near the dam,it does not involve the burning of fossil fuels so there for it is clean.Here are the cons people may have to move there homes to have the hydropower plant be built,it is hard to find a good place to build a hydropower plant.Turbines are a major harm to fish how?this is how.when fish are young they will swim to get though to the ocean the blades will chop them up ,the adult fish will get blocked from getting past . Luckily people are trying to improve on it.

Is hydro power availble every where ?

Yes it is but it is vary hard to get this energy when it is very dry .In Canada the smallest hydro power plant is as this small 5,000.

Where is the largest dame ?

The three gorges dam is the largest dam that provdes energy (in china) Syncrude tallings dam is the largest construction dan (in Canada ) .

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