Sustain DCSD Earth Week Celebration

Day 4: Green Space

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Roxborough Green Spaces

Green Space

A growing body of research is showing that access to green space has a positive impact on our well-being. Recently, studies are indicating green space may also be linked to improved cognitive development and even academic achievement. As a result, many of our schools are taking a look at how to improve the outdoor learning opportunities for students. Schoolyard habitats, such as those at Castle Rock Elementary and Roxborough Intermediate, dozens of outdoor classrooms, plastic bottle greenhouses at Larkspur Elementary and ThunderRidge High School, and 45 school gardens provide space for our students to get their hands dirty and explore the natural world around them.

School gardens provide living laboratories in which our students study, observe, inquire, and experiment through active learning. Not only do they learn biology, but they also learn about nutrition, collaboration, community-building, and even financial literacy by selling the produce they grow to fund the garden. Some schools have even developed a chicken program, providing families and students with ‘farm’ fresh eggs.

You don’t have to build an elaborate garden to enjoy green space. Here are some simple ideas to get started.