Inspiring Leaders

By:Andrew Ha

Chang Ha

Relationship:Father and Son

First impression: One of my first impressions of my father is when he announced as a kid that he was being promoted in his business. When I asked what he did to get promoted he said that he understand the importance of doing a good job.

Why? My father to me is very inspiring because overall he is a very intelligent and nice person. He is very good at talking with people and sees the big picture

Accomplish: From my inspiration I plan to be somewhat successful in the business world and hope I can contribute a lot.

President Barack Obama

Relationship:President to Citizen

Memory: One of my first impressions of President Obama was during his first campaign for president. He presented this great speech on TV about several topics that I felt he had a good plan for

Why: The reason why President Obama inspires me is because hes a exceptional hard worker. He tries his best in most of all what he does. Even though he is in a very big and serious position in the government there's a lot of funny moments and remarks he has made which I found funny and cool.

Plan: President Obama has inspired me to work hard and try my best in what I do but to also have fun and enjoy my work also.

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David Beckham

David Beckham is a former legend soccer player born in England. Ever since he was a young age he was inspired from his father who was a avid Manchester United Fan. As David Beckham grew up he learned to love soccer at a young age and later joined his fathers favorite team Manchester United.
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Mr. Starnes

Relation: Student to Teacher

Memory: The first time I met Mr Starnes was when I joined his course a week late. When I told him my situation he was very kind and flexible and even let me skip all the first week assignment

Why: Mr Starnes inspires me because he is very good at communicating and is very nice.

Accomplish: One day I hope I can be just as good as communicating with others as Mr Starnes does today.

Coleman E

Relation: Friend and Classmate

Memory: One time during P.E in elementary school when I got hurt during recess he ran over to me and asked if I was ok and even ran to get the teacher.

Why: Coleman inspires me because he is a very caring and nice person that puts a lot of effort into other people

Accomplish: Learning from Coleman I will strive to be caring to other people I meet and help them the way Coleman helped me

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Patrick Stewart

Patrick Steward is a very famous actor and has been in films such as Xmen and Startrek . He said that he was inspired from his secondary english teacher, Cecil Dormand. Patrick said that his teacher put a shakespeare book in his hand and told him to stand up and act which inspired him.


Relation: No personal relation person to person

Memory: I first learned of what buddha preached after watching a movie as a kid about a school of monks that followed buddha's teaching that fought for the good.

Why: Buddha inspires me because his teachings include learning of personal value rather then possessing values.

Accomplish: With learning of Buddha's teaching I hope to be an overall smarter person and be learn to be happy from just the small things

Sun Tzu

Relation: No relation

Memory: When I was a kid I learned about Sun Tzu after learning about his most famous book "The Art of War" at a very young age.

Why: Sun Tzu teachings about the moral law about heaven and earth really spoke volumes to me at a young age

Accomplish: I hope to have a better understanding of myself as a person and learn how to have great self discipline.


Kaka is a legendary braziian soccer player. He is played for clubs such as AC. Milan, real madrid, and currently Orlando City. Kaka was very inspired to Christ and has even demonstrated it on and off the soccer pitch.

Brad Pitt


Memory: While I was watching one of his first movies I thought he was a very cool and funny guy.

Why: Brad Pitt inspires me because he seems like a man that is just truly enjoying life right now. He is very funny and a cool person.

Accomplish: Hopefully one day I hope I could be just as fun to be around as Brad Pitt is right now.

Category: For Brad Pitt I would put him in a fun category. I put this because there are a lot of times on the internet where you see Brad Pitt always having fun without doing bad things. People like Eddy Murphy, Adam Sandler, and Steve Carell I feel fit into this category also.


Everyone in this presentation is important because they all somewhat impacted my life and made me think things that I wouldn't have before I knew them.

Throughout this presentation iv'e noticed that most of the people in it are highly intelligent or very nice people that had done a lot for the world

Some like KaKa has dedicated his passion into his faith while others like President Obama is trying to change and make the world a better place.

With all these inspirations I hope they can help mold me into a better person then what I already am and hope that I will grow off of what these people have learned from their life and apply it to mine.