Cinco de Mayo

May 5th

Why do we celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

This holiday celebrates the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862.

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Who celebrates?

Mostly Mexican citizens and Americans.

Where is Cinco de Mayo celebrated?

The United States, Mexico, the population of Windsor, Ontario, Vancouver, Canada, in the Cayman Islands, Montego Bay located in Jamaica, the city of Brisbane, Australia, London, New Zealand, Paris, and Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, Japan.

How is Cinco de Mayo celebrated?

Large parades take place. Vendors sell traditional Mexican food, clothing and accessories to participants. The colors of the Mexican flag usually appear in decorations.

What is done to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

People dressed as French and Mexican soldiers are featured in parades. Usually, a reenactment of the battle takes place for celebrators to attend. Decorations usually consist of balloons, streamers, and flowers. Mariachi bands and other Mexican folk music plays at the celebration. Traditional Mexican dishes are served, such as enchiladas, tacos, salsa, and tortilla chips.


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