Digital Etiquette

Digital Ediquette and how you should act online

Digital Etiquette Is the rules and expectations of the internet, Nobody really follows them but they are a thing!

Online Etiquette

Online people act a lot differently, I don't really care about that, I think one of the reasons that's a thing is because in real life we see them and on the internet for all we know they are Chuck Norris. that's also why you should never hate on people via the internet That squeaker you called a "whiny little F*****" Could legit be Chuck Norris using a voice changer, Chuck Norris doesn't like people that call him a F*****


Grammar is a really important thing that nobody cares about, there is an entire series on YouTube about horrible people that couldn't spell Because to save their Horrible little lives.

its understandable if you use abbreviations if you don't have time. (if you're playing a game or something) When I'm playing games I often use abbreviations Such as "5 mid"

Multiplayer Gaming

Playing multiplayer games can get pretty intense games from Dota 2 to CS:GO Puzzle Pirates to Gears of War 3 I would know, I've had my fair share of "Wombo Combo's" and "Ganks" There isn't much Etiquette to do with multiplayer games.

General Etiquette

Generally on the internet you should just act nice remember what I said about Chuck Norris, Well that could happen to you for all I know Chuck Norris is looking for you right now! Sleep with one eye open. Spelling is good but it's not the most important thing.