Patricia Era Bath Ophthalmollogist

By: Rikki Regalado

Patricia Bath

Patricia Era Bath was born on November 4, 1942. She is still alive. She was a ophthalmolligist. She would help people with their eyes so they can see better and see if they need glasses.

A quote that she said in her life time!!!!

A quote that she said was,"Believe in the power of truth." She said that because that was one of lessons that she learned when she was a child.

A life lesson she learned!!!!

One of the life lesson that she learned was to always follow your dream and never give up no matter what people say to you or what to do.

Five words I describe her in!!!!






Fives facts I learned from her!!!!

*She followed her dream.

*She would not give up on herself.

*Stay who you are because you are beautiful.

*You can do anything if you believe in yourself.

*Have fun with your life.

Three facts that you should about her!!!!

*Patricia was brave.

*She had fun with her dream.
*Patricia never gave up.

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