Forever 21

By Holly Lee

The business operation and benefits

The business operation of Forever 21 is that it is a corporation.

Benefits of being a corporation are;

  • The owners and shareholders are not liable for the debts and obligations for the corporation.
  • The ownership of the corporation can be easily transferring the shares
  • Since the corporation is a legal entity from the shareholders, the corporation can have a perpetual existence.
  • The investors will if if the business will last

The founder of Forever 21

The founder of Forever 21 is Do Wang Chang and his wife Jin Sook Chang. The story of how this company started was all on the fortunate day of April 21,1984. In Los Angeles in a 900 square foot shop is where all there dreams came true. Their profit grew from 35,000 to 700,000 dollars in the end of the first year. The founders then invested more into the company by opening up a new store every six months

Fun Fact

The original name of Forever 21 was Fashion 21

Some fashions from Forever 21

Facts and products from Forever 21

  • The one area where Forever 21 is located is at Easton
  • The items they sell at the store are dresses, skirts, tops, and outfits
  • They sell fashions for men and young teenagers
  • They also sell many fashion accessories like jewelry, headbands and purses.

Would I invest in this company

I would invest in this company because it makes a good profit and it as well as it has an amazing classy fashions.