How To Speak and Present



  • While speaking, you must speak with expression.
  • You can go slow at part you want to sink in, you can go fast at parts you want people to listen.
  • Also, you can have feeling in what you say. If you want people to know how sad something was, you can speak slow, and lifelessly.
  • If you want someone to know how exciting something was to can speak faster with expression.
  • You could have hand motions while talking.


  • While presenting you can use what I call PVLEGS.
  • P for Poise which means to stay confident and stay calm.
  • V for Voice which means use the correct type of voice like loud, or soft. Go louder for bigger groups and softer for a few people.
  • L is for Life which mean talk with expression and show you care about your topic.
  • E is for Eye Contact. That means you must look at your audience and not at your paper or the board with your project.
  • G is for Gestures. Gestures are not playing with your clothes, hair, pencils, etc. Your can be giving hand motions to show how something is like big, small, long, short, or fast.
  • S is for Speed which means not going to slow or to fast you need to be going just right so everybody can understand you and so you don't get lost. You can go slow to emphasize and fast for exciting part.

Don't Be Affraid

Don't be afraid of speaking or presenting. Just do your best and that's all that matters.