the 12th element on the table

magnesium facts

Physical Properties

the atomic mass of magnesium is 24.305,

the atomic radius in angstroms is 1.73

the density is 1.738

the melting point is 650 degrees Celsius

boiling point is 1107 degrees Celsius

at room temp my element (magnesium) is a solid

the appearance of my element is a silvery wight metal

magnesium is able to conduct electricity

my element is able to be shaped around

on the scale of hardness magnesium is a 2

and other physical properties are that magnesium is light wight and very malleable

Chemical properties

magnesium is flammable and can be used to start fires

this element is very reactive with many types of acids

Atomic structures

the atomic number is 12

the mass number is 24.305

the proton number is 12

the neutron number is 12

the Electrons is 12


the location of my element magnesium on the periodic table is that it is in row 3 and its number is 12

History and Discovery

magnesium was discovered in 1755

found in eastern Thessaly in Greece

found by Joseph Black

my element was found in many different types of elements on the periodic table

Application and uses

magnesium is most commonly found in flash bulbs (cameras), medicine, calks, and fireworks


magnesium has 25 isotopes


magnesium can be combined with another type of metal to make alloys

Fun Facts

magnesium is the eighth most abundant element in the Earths crust
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