Tropical Rainforest

Travel Info

Brazil is a tropical rainforest on its own. Brazil is located in South America. Thier transportation include railroads and boats. Clothes you would need would be raincoats, long sleeve shirts, pants (avoid jeans), hats, wear hiking boots and sandals. Bring mosquito spray and sun block. The national food of Brazil is Feijoada . Foods usually consist of beef, salad,rice and beans.


The plants and animals depend on each other for shelter,food, and protection. Jaguars are on top of the Amazon food chain they eat Tapirs ,which are herbivores. Boa Constrictors are a type of snake that squeezes it prey. They eat small to medium sized mammals and birds such as mice and bats. Producers include Palm trees, Banana trees, and the Bromeliad plants. First consumers are Spider monkeys which eat Banana trees, Golden Lion Tamarin eat Banana tree, sloths eats Palm trees and Bromeliad. Secondary consumers are Harpy eagles which eat the Spider monkey, Golden Lion Tamarin and sloth, the Ocelot eats sloth, and the jaguar eats the sloth and Howler monkey.

Weather And Environment

In Brazil there is never really a dry season. The best times to visit would be Spring, Summer, and during the Christmas time.

Humans impact the ecosystem by logging, gold mining and bauxite mining. 20% of the rainforest have been destoryed by man. The area has been used for cattleranches, mining sites, and logging. At this rate 80% of the Amazon will be destroyed in the year 2119.

Endangered Species

The three toed sloth is one of endangered species that live in the rain forest. there was once many types of slothes but many have become extinct due to human arrival and hunting. They are the worlds slowest mammal. It eats so much vegetation its coat turns green which helps it camouflage. But their tree top homes are being destroyed and because of that they become vurnable to other predators.