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RCS in review

The students of RCS continue to raise the bar on learning. Every week students are being challenged, struggle to learn new concepts, and meet failure with hopes of success. In grade 6 this week the students put the finishing touches their islands of the ocean. In grade 5, the students created math games and on Friday were able challenge one another. In fourth grade the students worked on inferring theme, using an inference-- evidence--explanation anchor chart. In grade 3, the students worked hard solving math facts, group word problems, and identified area using square tiles and cubes. In grade 2, the students wrote in their readers journals and listened to stories building anticipation for their field trip to the Eric Carle Museum. In first grade, each student highlighted a feature of a nonfiction book that they enjoyed. In kindergarten the students worked in various aspects of readers workshop such as reading with Mrs. Willhite, sharing a story with a partner, or reading a book in their readers bag. The teachers continued learning strategies about readers workshop with Mrs. Clare. The kindergarten teachers watched a model lesson about using anchor text to identify reading levels to kids in a 1:1 group. The first and second grade teachers watched a whole class model lesson then saw three differentiated groups work with Mrs. Clare assuring all students are being taught exactly what they need. She also highlighted that students in grade 2 were ready to start reading series books. In grade 3, the teachers worked on inferring and identifying traits of a character while being able to support those thoughts based on information from the text. In grades 4-6, the teachers focused on the importance of implementing a readers notebook. And Mrs. Clare actually said that students in grade 4 should be able to write 4 pages of material in 40 minutes. With the notebooks students will be stopping and jotting their thoughts to help improve their comprehension and eventually their writing.

High-5's, special thanks and congratulations....

This week I would like to give a High -5 to the sixth grade for having the best overall attendance throughout the month of March. Special thanks for the warm kindergarten introduction as our future started on Friday. Mrs. Lajoie, Mrs. Riberio, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Hopkins, Mrs. Laroche, and Mrs. Willhite were especially warm and comforting to the incoming kindergarteners. Every singe child felt comfortable enough to spend time with our teaching professionals, people they have never met, to participate in the kindergarten screening. I would like to offer congratulations to the students of RCS. Our parents, community members, and PTG have provided all of you an amazing amount of new playground equipment for your enjoyment. Thanks so much to everyone that helped us change over the old equipment with an amazing assortment of wonderful playground stuff. Come on up and play! And I would like to say thanks for the great idea from Mrs. Brouillet, our Assistant Superintendent, for giving the idea for all the RCS kids to have an experience of seeing the beautiful Clydesdale Horses. Every single student had smiles and stories and the memories to last a lifetime. Great job!!!

Mr. Colo, a lifetime Athol-Royalston teacher and principal says hello.