A Little About Me

Mailey Sagan Harris

Why did you choose this course?

The reason I choose this course is as simple as I want to learn more about the reasons for people's actions and thoughts. Why we think the way we do and the reasons we think them really intrigue me.

A little about me...

I am 15 years old. I play varsity softball and basketball and play rec soccer with my sister when I have the time. I have 3 siblings all younger than me and we all play sports. I hope one day to play softball at Florida state university after highschool and peruse the career of being a college coach.

Why do you enjoy Byron?

Some of the things I enjoy here most at Byron would have to be the athletic portion of the school. I like being able to tell people about our soccer teams and I like being able to say that I play varsity sports at a 6A school.

Paul Ekman

He was named one of the 20th's century's most significant psychologists. He has carried out trailblazing work on human facial expressions, leading to him being dubbed the "best human lie detector in the world."

One of his more famous tweets was in 2013 "in my early work, I was influenced by thinking in semiotics and ethology. My focus was primarily on gestures."

I wanted to choose his twitter account because I was fascinated by the fact that he studied the mind enough to be able to determine when anyone was lying by judging all of there gestures. I know that some gestures are give aways and not everyone is a good liar but some people are and people seeing him as a human lie detector blows my mind.