Doublelift highlights why League Champions Queue is just as bad as solo queue

Champions Queue was a hot topic roughly a month ago when Riot Games prevented ex-pro players like Marc Robert “Caedrel” Lamont and Tim “Nemesis” Lipovšek from playing during Worlds 2022. In the meantime, Riot shipped loads of changes in October with the hopes of it becoming popular again. Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, an ex-pro player who might be returning to pro play soon, shared his honest opinion about Champions Queue with his fanbase during a recent stream.

Doublelift tackled the topic of the Champions Queue 메이저토토사이트 on his latest stream, saying it can never replace solo queue because the games don’t have a middle ground and are either really good or really bad. “I don’t think Champions Queue is a good replacement to solo queue. It’s definitely interesting; at times Champions Queue is really good and then when it’s not good, it’s really bad,” Doublelift said토토사이트추천

What’s more, it can take up to two hours to play a single game of Champions Queue, while solo queue games are more frequent and of similar quality. Similar to the solo queue, Champions Queue has one-sided games that are decided in the first five minutes of the game, meaning you can spend the majority of the game slowly 메이저사이트 losing. With games being stomps, there’s no opportunity to learn from your mistakes since snowballing in League of Legends is simply too strong.

“There are definitely times where it takes me two hours to play 메이저놀이터 a single game, and the game’s quality is pretty bad,” Doublelift said. “It’s just as bad as solo queue because not only did I wait two hours, but the game is totally lopsided in matchmaking, and it’s very very hard to learn anything when it’s just a complete one-sided stomp one way or the other.”

A top European support player will not have a team for the 2023 LEC Spring Split

After spending two years in the LEC, one of the best support players in the European League of Legends scene might be forced to watch the league as a fan or analyst for next year.

SK Gaming’s support Erik “Treatz” Wessén released a lengthy statement today around his current free agency status, confirming that he will not be competing on an LEC team at the beginning of 2023. The veteran joins a growing 안전놀이터 list of EU stars who failed to find a new home for the upcoming Spring Split as the league shifts once more through this upcoming offseason.

“As League keeps developing, the more it becomes about fitting 먹튀검증 the correct puzzle pieces together rather than a single piece being very powerful,” Treatz said. “I value myself highly as someone who can be very moldeable and can add a lot to any team. League esports and offseasons can be very ruthless, and this time it didn’t work out for me.”

Prior to his time with SK, Treatz remained on TSM as a starter for the organization’s Academy roster. For two years, the Swedish support tried to break into the LCS but didn’t find long-lasting success in his trial run alongside the team’s then-starting AD carry and superstar marksman Doublelift. As a result, he made a return to Europe and joined SK as one of the more underrated pick-ups.

During his first Spring Split in Europe in 2021, the underrated 26-year-old had what he considers to be “the best individual performance [he’s] ever had,” leading the league in kill participation percentage with the fourth-most assists of any player in the LEC, according to League stats aggregate Oracle’s Elixir. He was a rising support star in his class and even helped SK sneak into the playoffs with an 8-10 record.

Since then, however, the team has looked questionable at best. During the 2021 Summer Split, for example, Treatz was forced to role swap to jungle after SK’s plans to acquire specific players during the mid-season break fell through. They fell to ninth place during that season and have remained a bottom-three team since메이저놀이터

While away from the stage, however, Treatz found success in a different place than he probably expected: the LEC broadcast team. He was tapped by the league to join the analyst desk during a variety of different matches throughout the 사설토토사이트 last couple of years and has been widely supported by the fan base.

Looking ahead, Treatz is reportedly being replaced by LDLC OL support Mads “Doss” Schwartz for the 2023 Spring Split, along with a revamp of the rest of SK’s roster. The team is supposedly fielding a plethora of former ERL talent who are trying to make a name for themselves in the new year. It’s a perfect time to try out a new lineup too since most organizations have wiped the slate clean with new rosters as well.

All new skins arriving on the Rift with League Patch 12.22

League of Legends Patch 12.22 is just around the corner and players have tons of new features to be excited about.

This update is a big one thanks to the 검증사이트 preseason changes coming to the game. A series of new items and features are making their way onto Summoner’s Rift, as well as some significant changes to the already existing items and systems.

But the gameplay changes aren’t the only thing worth your 토토사이트 attention. The developers also prepared nine new skins that are coming to the game with Patch 12.22.

Almost every one of the skins is from the Space Groove collection. Nam 토토사이트추천 i is also getting a Prestige edition. Additionally, players who hit at least Gold in either solo/duo or in the flex ranked queue will be gifted the Victorious Sejuani skin.

Here are all of the skins coming to 사설토토사이트 League of Legends in Patch 12.22.

Space Groove Nami

Prestige Space Groove Nami

Space Groove Lissandra

Space Groove Ornn

Space Groove Teemo

Space Groove Twisted Fate

Space Groove Gragas

Space Groove Taric

Victorious Sejuani

Ashen Graveknight Mordekaiser to join League’s Ashen Knight skin line

Riot Games is ending the year in League of Legends with yet another skin for a champion that hasn’t received much love in recent years.

A new champion is joining League’s Ashen Knight skin line in the form of Ashen Graveknight Mordekaiser, adding the Iron Revenant to the exclusive Mythic Essence shop. Like Ashen Knight Pyke and Ashen Slayer Sylas, this skin will likely cost 100 Mythic Essence and be paired with the release of an Emberwoken 메이저토토사이트 chroma, which will cost 40 Mythic Essence.

This skin is likely to be released on the live servers on Dec. 7 with Patch 12.23, though that has not yet been officially revealed by Riot outside of 메이저사이트 existing on the game’s PBE.

This Mythic-tier skin places Mordekaiser in an even darker coat of armor with a magnificent pair of wings on his back as purple lights emanate from the cavities in his chest. Mordekaiser appears to be controlling this light with his mace, which glows like an eerie lantern at the top.

The Emberwoken chroma for Ashen Graveknight Mordekaiser removes all of the eerie purple light and replaces it with crimson, seemingly dyeing the armor of the Iron Revenant with stains of blood and triumph. This red light also appears to make the armor slightly lighter, shining with a bronze-like gleam 토토사이트추천

Ashen Graveknight Mordekaiser will likely join League’s live servers with Patch 12.23 on Dec. 7 alongside the new Winterblessed skins for Diana, Zilean, Shaco, Warwick, Swain, and Zoe. As with other skins in the Mythic Essence shop, this skin will likely 메이저놀이터 only be available for a few months before it is rotated out in favor of the next addition to the Ashen Knight skin line.

‘This season was trash!’: Tyler1 blasts League of Legends Season 12 in scathing review

After looking back on League of Legends Season 12 based on what he experienced in public matches, Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp came to a simple conclusion: “This season was trash!”

The Twitch star said it was “terrible” from start to finish. He .안전놀이터 believes Riot was aware of it too, which is why they “did a lot to try to make it better.” But they didn’t do enough, in his view.

“This was bad!” the top League streamer declared. “The season 토토사이트 started, and we had normal game MMR abusers everywhere and transfer accounts everywhere. People started the season getting D1 and duoing and then dodging placements.”

Things picked up for him a little when he hit Challenger on Support. However, it didn’t last long. It all went downhill when he streamed for 14 hours a day in South Korea between May and June. He experienced massive losing streams and found himself at odds with most teammates.

And it didn’t improve when he returned home.

Tyler1 claimed betters (people who bet on games and rent accounts to trade wins) followed him back to North America, and they plagued his League games for another two to three months.

“Now it’s the end of the season,” he said. “We hit Challenger two weeks ago. I tried to camp it. I tried to camp Challenger. That didn’t work. We had to play our decay games. We lost every decay game. Then we just kept losing. Now we’re down to like 490 LP. Climbed back up to 700.”

But even though he managed to bounce back, the ebbs and flows of the season left him in tatters. “I don’t care, bro. This year was terrible!” the streamer added메이저놀이터

Unfortunately for him, the next season 토토사이트추천 doesn’t begin until Jan. 2023, and preseason only just started—which means he’ll need to endure it a little more if he wants to keep streaming League, which he certainly will.

It’ll be interesting to see what’s in store for Tyler1.