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The Parent Information Guide For Autism

mission statement

We serve kids with autism, And take in about 100 to 150 kids around the ages of 5-12. We will teach your kid to trust other people, so this way it will help them interact with other people.


Our camp takes in 50 kids with autism spectrum disorders each summer, to take care of them, teach them to communicate with others, and keep them cheerful and healthy. Here we put your child in a cabin with other children that are the same, and we give them the time they need, We take in kids from ages 5-12 for 1 month.


Daily Schedule

our basic everyday schedule:

we will wake up early in the morning around 7:00

take a morning hike in the woods to study the trees and animals

eat breakfast and use the restroom

go to a room with kids around your age and start making crafts (everyday we will make different crafts)

we will play games that include team work and trust, so the kids can get to know each other

we will also take an afternoon hike and start of where we left off.

at night we will sit around a camp fire and talk to amongs each other and get to know each other

we will go to sleep at around 9:30

things your kid needs to bring with them

All your kid needs is clothes of there own, any neccesitites needed for their confort, and a big smile on their face. (:

cost of camp

Our camp is mostly based on helping others so we only charge 350 dollars a kid, to buy neccecities in the camp.

Contact Information

We are located outside the city where its quiet and peaceful.

"Keep It Hood"