Discussing the negative aspects of pornography

Porn Ruins Lives

Some people have argued that porn use can be as addictive as drugs. Personally, I don’t like the addiction label. It’s too easy to hide behind it as the reason you can’t help yourself. When I think of addiction, I think of people who suffer physical withdrawal symptoms when they finally quit. I haven’t met anybody who’s gotten the shakes when they go a week or two not looking at porn.

There is, however, no doubt that porn can be a full-blown compulsion. It’s more like food to a compulsive over-eater. Once you make those pleasure connections in your brain they can be very hard to break. And it’s not an exaggeration to say that porn can ruin your life. I know of a couple of marriages that broke up because of the guy’s insatiable addiction to porn. And I know of long-term boyfriends and girlfriends who have split up because of it. The stories out there are real and numerous. The man who gets out of bed at night and sneaks away from his wife to watch porn in his office. The man who keeps a secret stash of magazines in his car. The man who watches porn on the job and gets canned when he’s caught. I could go on.

I won’t deny that some men can consume porn and not suffer these kind of consequences. Just like I know men who have an occasional drink and aren’t alcoholics, I know men who dabble in porn and don’t become compulsive porn users. But even if you’re one of those men who can consume porn without becoming dependent on it, I still think there’s a case to be made that porn should be avoided. It simply won’t make you a better man in the least. And it can diminish your manliness for several reasons

Child Pornography

Child Pornography

An aspect of porn...

Child pornography is an international issue that is a form of pornography. It's the involvement of underage children illegally involved in the production, exhibition, distribution and consumption of porn. Yet, it is difficult to give child pornography an accurate definition as the legal definition of a child in different countries varies. For e.g. in Australia child porn include any person under the age of 16, yet in Canada a minor is classified as someone under 18 years old.

Porn - A form of sexism

Porn gives us women a negative image and misrepresentation. When women are viewed through porn, we are seen as a 'thing' or an 'object' and our value as a respectable woman is degraded and lessened. Just because a small amount of the