By Martin R

Them courge

  • Sounder showed courage when he went after the sheriff and tried two save the master. The mother showed courage when she went to take the meat back to the smoke house and not keep it to them selves. The father showed courage when he stole from the smoke house to help support his family from starving. The boy showed courage when he keeped going out to look for sounder and look for his father.

video of what happen in it.

  • The dog and boy are very happy. They both like to lay down together in the grass. The boy loves to ride on the dogs back. The dog would take the stick from the boy like they are playing fetch. The dog follows the boy every where he goes.

Father daughter and dog

  • The master had died a couple days home. Soon later two days after the masters death sounder died. The dad had died a few years later and soon after that the dog died two days later. The reason is because the dad and the masters health was pour and they both surfed sadness and where very alone.

Anticipation guides

  • I agree because not everybody can attend school because they don't have the money. People Have to go to school so they can go to college and have a life living. We have to go to school because you need education to get jobs and get money.
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