Thrive Stars

Page Guidelines

Who to add....

Please ensure you are only adding Qualified and Active Promoters to our page.

Medical Questions/Claims....

  • Please know that per Le-Vel Compliance we are not to make medical claims or guarantees. This applies to our FB Page as well.
  • Please know you are not allowed to make medical claims or speak about medications in relation to the Thrive Experience.
  • Please know you need to inform your customers/promoters to seek medical advice from their physician and provide them with the necessary ingredient sheets.


  • Please post all welcome messages, VIP/ranking shout outs on the Le-Vel Fan Page and on their personal fb page.
  • The purpose of this fb page is to keep everyone updated with announcements, calls, promos, etc.
  • Please know that from your computer you can use the search feature of this page to search for a topic that might have already been discussed.

Text Reminders...

  • Please send "@thrivest" to 81010 - Our Team updates and announcements will be sent via text messages. These updates will include team promotions, call notifications & important messages.
  • Please know that this will not be abused or overused.
  • Please know when you sign up, respond that you are not a student and you won't be asked additional questions. (This app is typically used within a school setting)