The Constitotion

what is the constitotion

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How it started

It all started on 1787, 55 people representing the 12 of the 13 states met in Philadelphia to fix the national government. The problem was that that the government was under articles of confederation it was just not working for them. It was just not working. The goal that they were trying to get was giving everyone equal power .


How checks and balance work. First the congress make up a law . Then it goes to the supreme court. Then people vote when its a yes it goes to the president and when he or she says yes its a law . But if he or she says no it goes all the way back to the congress.

Legislative branch

Did you know that the first 13 states had representative some have 6,10,4,5 an the senate of the united states will be composed of 2 senators from each state . Those are chosen by legislatures and that will last 6 years and each senator will have one vote .


Did you know that Benjamin franklin was the oldest signer at the age of 81 and died at the age of 84 . Also did you know that they agreed on keeping bear arms . An did you know that George Washington proposed a drink on thanksgiving to honor the constitution .