Gage Community School Connection

November 27, 2017 Edition

Enrichment Day

On Friday, December 17th we had a special afternoon lead by some community partners! They taught us about healthy living while we got to try some new things!

HUGE thank you to:

Palestra Soccer Academy

Park Institute of Taekwondo

Olmsted County Public Health

HyVee on 37th Street

UMR Students in Teresa Henderson-Vasquez's class

Turkey Bingo

Before Thanksgiving break we played Turkey Bingo as a school to celebrate all of the positives our students have been earning! Bingos were announced with a "Gobble, Gobble" and winners gobbled down the hall to get their prizes!
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Principal's Message:

Principal’s Message: Are life and social skills taught in addition to academics?

Life and social skills are taught at Gage in addition to academics, and those skills are taught in a variety of ways by our staff. Brooke Neubauer, our K-2 counselor, and Jovan Kristo, our 3-5 counselor, teach life and social skills lessons to student through a curriculum called Second Step. They cover topics that involve using your reasoning skills, being kind to others, and being assertive vs. aggressive or passive, among other skills. They teach these lessons in each classroom on a rotating basis, and teachers are in the classrooms during those lessons so they are able to support the skills with students after the counselor delivers the lesson. We also teach life and social skills through our grade level assemblies. Mrs. Klavetter, our Associate Principal, designs assemblies that focus on and align with skills based on a theme. The assembly that all grade levels have heard so far this year was called, “Be Your Best You,” and all three administrators talked to students about making good choices, being kind, having perseverance, and choosing to be their best selves every single day. Another aspect that helps to teach life and social skills at Gage are class meetings with each classroom teacher. Class meetings are taught by the classroom teacher, and they focus on building community in the classroom. The topics of these meetings may be sharing with other classmates, being kind, or working cooperatively as a team, as well as problem-solving any concerns that may arise in the classroom. We realize that we are educating the whole child, and we work to do that in a variety of ways at Gage so students find success in school and in their lives.

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Holiday Supports for Families

Families in need of holiday assistance are encouraged to call the Salvation Army, starting Monday, Nov. 13. Approved applicants can participate in the Salvation Army’s Toy & Joy Shop on Dec. 20 or Dec. 21. At the Toy & Joy Shop parents can shop for new toys, books, and stocking stuffers for their infant, preschool and school-aged children at no cost to the family. Please note, there are eligibility requirements and families may only participate in one of the following programs (Salvation Army Toy & Joy Shop, Christmas Anonymous, St. Francis’ Angel Tree Program, the YMCA’s program, or the JSSVP Adopt A Family program). Registration is required by calling, 288-3663.

Families who are interested in the Salvation Army’s Toy & Joy Shop may also be interested in the Salvation Army’s Children’s Shopping Trip. Open to students who are 8 or 9 years old, call the Salvation Army starting Monday, Nov. 13. Eligible students receive a gift certificate and shop, on Wednesday, Dec. 6, with a volunteer to purchase Christmas gifts for their family at ShopKo.

A limited number of Christmas Anonymous forms can be obtained from the school social workers, Bonnie Kassen ( and Joli Stejskal (

Upcoming Events

Monday, November 27:

  • 2nd & 4th Grade Girl Scouts during lunch

Tuesday, November 28:

  • Mayor Brede Visiting Kindergarten Rooms 10:00-11:00
  • 3rd & 5th Grade Girl Scouts during lunch

Wednesday, November 29:

  • 4th Grade Engineering Club during lunch

Thursday, November 30:

  • Caitlin Alexander (KTTC) Visiting Kindergarten Classrooms 1:30-2:30

Friday, December 1:

  • Student Council Meeting 8:10
  • Gage Gallopers 8:00-8:45
  • Superintendent Munoz Visiting Kindergarten Rooms in afternoon
  • 3rd Grade Family Event 2:30-3:30

Monday, December 4:

  • 2nd & 4th Grade Girl Scouts during lunch

Tuesday, December 5:

  • 3rd & 5th Grade Girl Scouts during lunch

Wednesday, December 6:

  • 4th Grade Engineering Club during lunch

Thursday, December 7:

  • Tours for Incoming Kindergarten Families 10:00-11:00
  • Building-Wide Family Event: Camp Read S'More 5:30-7:00

Friday, December 8:

  • Gage Gallopers 8:00-8:45
  • Community School Leadership Team Meeting 8:00-8:45