Drop off and Pick Up Reminders

Litchfield Owls


Hello Litchfield Families,

It has been so great seeing so many kids on campus each day. We realize the after school lines have been very long the last couple of day's and are hoping to change a few things to help them go more quickly. Here is a way you can help this as well.

  • ~ Have your child's name in the the window of the car.
  • ~ Pull as far forward as possible.
  • ~ Come at your assigned pick up time
Kinder/1st - 2:15

2nd/3rd - 2:20

4th/5th - 2:25

~Families must pick up curbside. Do not park and walk over to the crowd of teachers and students to grab your child. - This is for the safety of all.

~ It is state mandated that masks are worn in all public places. If you do come on campus you must wear a mask.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate through this time of change. We must all work together for the safety of our students and our staff. We will continue to monitor our pick up times and adjust where we find it may be necessary.


Principal Hopper