Engineering Research Project

Industrial Engineer

Purpose of Industrial Engineers

Industrial engineers work to improve manufacturing and other services. They improve the effectiveness of products, lower the cost of production and helps with design and manufacturing. These engineers deal with science and math to achieve their goals.

Job Description

These engineers apply math, science and engineering methods in their work. They use problem solving, computer simulation and design to create more effective products and services. They can also work in teams and project based work in their jobs.


The starting salary of an engineer with no experience is $51,059. As engineers start to get more experience their salary can increase. The average salary of industrial engineers is $83,390 per year with the upper 10% making some $119,460 each year.


Industrial engineering typically begins with a bachelors degree in industrial engineering. Many choose to work since engineering is a good under grad field. Engineers can further their degree by specializing in a specific field in engineering.