Best Buy Project

Kelly Do:)

Unit Rate Problem

Which is the best buy out of these packs of spoons?


*I set up the proportions for each pack. The # of spoons as the denominator and the price at the top.

*I set u the unit proportion with "1 spoon" as the denominator and left the numerator blank so you can solve for it later.

*I divided the price, by the # of spoons for each pack to get its unit rate. Whichever unit rate was the smallest would be the best buy.

Unit Rate

144 pack-$0.25

288 pack-$0.23

600 pack-$0.16

Why is Unit Rate Helpful?

The unit rate is helpful in this situation because if you know how much each spoon is, you can see what the better buy would be by seeing which is the most inexpensive.

What's the Better Buy?

The 600 pack is the better buy because I solved for the unit rate to see how much each spoon would be. The less the unit rate is, the better and the 600 pack had the smallest unit rate so each spoon would be cheaper.