Mikayla Pinkney, Period 8

What are They?

Microwaves are extremely high frequency radio waves that are good for transmitting information from one place to another.

The Wavelength Range is 1 meter to 1 millimeter.

The frequency range is 300 MHz to 300 GHz.

The velocity in vacuum is 3 x 10^8 = 300,000,000.

A interesting fact about Microwaves is that metal reflects the waves in a microwave oven.

A interesting fact about Microwaves is that the same radiation in microwave ovens are used in cell phones, radar, and speed cameras.

Microwaves in life

Microwaves are used in microwave ovens that heat up your food.

Microwaves are used for remote sensing.

A positive health impact is that microwaves help preserve vitamin C and other nutrients that break down when heated.

A negative health impact is that microwaves can change the makeup of your blood.

A negative impact is that microwaves can change the beat of your heart.

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This article talks about how microwaves works. It talks about how microwaving milk and food for babies is unsafe and unhealthy. It also talks about how microwaved blood is unsafe and kills patients. Lastly, it talks about the radiation and wavelength off microwaves.
Electromagnetic Spectrum: Microwaves
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