Pitch Perfect

Reviewed by one of the greatest philosophers in history

You have to come see it! Aristotle loved this film so much he's seen it 10 times! Here are some of his thoughts on it...

#1 - Plot: This film follows Becca through her first year of college. She joins an acapella group and finds herself kicked out when she tries to change the traditions a bit but ends up finding herself along the way.

#2 - Characters: Becca, Jesse, and the Barden Bellas bring drama and life to the story.

#3 - Thought: The theme of this film is sometimes we must try new things that scare us to grow and develop to find our paths to success.

#4 - Diction: "What are you doing?" "Horizontal running" The writers really out did themselves.

#5 - Sound: The acapella music created by the Barden Bellas and Treblemakers gave the film life.

#6 - Spectacle: The costumes and props made you feel as though the Bellas were performing for you live in concert.