All about me

Jaxon Russell

I was born in Chicago,IL In the chicago loop area. While i was growing up my family was included in alot of gang activity but i was just little so i didnt think much of it and i didnt know it was bad. So i just went along with until a couple of my dads cousins got aressted so then wre moved down to TN and lived with my aunt for a while then my dad and mom sent me to live with my grand parents but when i got to 4th grade i moved back with my mom and dad in a big 3 story mansion since they got new jobs that pull in alot of money. Some of the things i like are Xenoblade chronicals X where i am a level 60 and a rank 7 dual weilder with combat arts that can boost my crits and potential so i take any enemy that comes my way.