Updates to our Instructional Model

Greetings North Crawford Middle and High School Students and Families,

I have a few announcements that I would like to share with families at this time in regards to the decisions made at the school board meeting on Monday, March 1st. I will try to explain in detail what the new schedule looks like and what changes your son or daughter can expect when they return to school on March 22nd after Spring Break. I will break the components of the new schedule down below and as always if you have questions feel free to reach out and I will clarify things for you. The best thing to do would be to watch the videos provided below which will hopefully clarify things.

Personally, I would like to announce that I have decided to step down from my position at the end of this school year. We have decided to move back to the Madison area to be closer to our family. I would like to thank the North Crawford community for all the support and caring you have shown my family during the last 5 years. We are eternally grateful for everything that the administration, staff and community has done for us since we have been here and we will miss the friendships and relationships we have gained during that time.


Toby Tripalin

MS/HS Principal

Instructional Changes as of March 22, 2021

End of 3rd Quarter

Due to the changes in our schedule we will move the end of the 3rd quarter up to Friday, March 12th. We will have some schedule changes in the middle school after spring break and we have to end the quarter a week early in order to make those changes in our system. When students return on Monday, March 22nd it will be the first day of the 4th quarter.

School will now be 5 days a week

We will be operating on an A,B schedule for the remainder of the year starting on Monday, March 22nd. Students will have their A1 schedule on Monday and their A2 Thursday and they will have their B1 schedule on Tuesday and B2 schedule on Friday. Wednesdays will rotate between A1, A2, B1 and B2 with a rotating advisory happening on that day. I will go into more detail about Wednesdays below. Videos will be provided below to explain middle school schedules, high school schedules and how the Wednesday rotations will work.

Full Virtual in DVA will have no change to their schedule

There will be no changes to the full virtual students. They will continue with the program and everything that is currently in place will remain the same.

Middle School Changes

The middle school will receive the biggest increase in instructional minutes due to this change. We will be changing our 6th and 8th grade sections to two sections instead of three and all of the middle school will have a schedule change that we hope to navigate the challenges within the first week back and get them comfortable with. I will send this video to middle students as well to help explain their new schedule.

High School Changes

High School schedules will also have additional minutes in front of their teachers. The changes that will take place for high school students is that they may have half block classes twice a week instead of a full block once a week. They will have additional access to their teachers and an increase in their face to face instructional minutes for many of their classes. I have created a short video to talk about a few of those changes.

Work Release Students

In regards to work release students, we will work with them individually to come up with creative solutions to maintaining most or all of their opportunities to work. We value the practical experience that our work study students receive and want to support that as much as we possibly can moving forward this school year.

Wednesday Rotations

The Wednesday rotation will follow the schedule for Monday A1, Tuesday B1, Thursday A2 or Friday B2 on a rotation. The other change will be that during one of those blocks each Wednesday will also be an advisory period broken into 2 separate half periods which will be on a rotation from first through fourth block. Class meetings, sports and club meetings can take place during those advisories and we can also give students access to their teachers to get support in classes that they may be struggling with. Please refer to the video I have linked in the middle school and high school sections above.

Calendar Changes and Updates

March 10th- Virtual Day for student 6-12 (No Advisories)

March 12th- Last day of 3rd quarter

March 15th-19th- Spring Break

March 22nd- First day of 4th quarter

April 1st & 2nd- Vacation days

April 7th- No School (PD day for staff)

April 28th- No School (PD day for staff)

May 19th- No School (PD day for staff)

May 31st- No School (Memorial Day)

June 2nd- Last day of school