Coastal Sand Plains

By: Marco, Jake, Omar, and David

Biome/ EcoRegion information

  • Region-Coastal Plains and Great Plains
  • Sand, in Coastal plains, water
  • Ocean/ Rivers
  • Average Rainfall:26-28 inches
  • Average Temperature:92.4


The role of a decomposer is to break down dead or decaying organisms. Three examples of decomposers are bacteria, fungi, and worms. Decomposers also help new plants grow. When they break down organisms, they return nutrients such as carbon and nitrogen to the soil. These nutrients can be used by the producers. Also, energy is released when something decays. That energy is thermal energy. When bonds are broken, heat is released.

Energy Pyramid

The difference between a producer and a consumer is that a producer makes their own food, and a consumer depends on other organisms for their food. A example of a consumer is a human and a bumble bee. an example of a producer is a sunflower.

food web

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