Experience 1

ICT for Learning through Inquiry in Teaching of Geography

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Learning in an ICT-enriched Environment (Lesson Demonstration)

Bukit Panjang Government High School

In this lesson demonstration, teachers use Humanities Inquiry Process to scaffold students’ learning of impact of tropical cyclones. From a given scenario, students collaborate to create layers in ArcGIS Online. The layers are shared across groups to allow students to gather the necessary information that can be used to identify the areas which should first receive international aid.

Learning Across Schools (Adaptation & Localisation of Practices)

Kranji Secondary School

Teachers explore the use of the collaborative feature in ArcGIS Online together with Collector for ArcGIS to investigate the KQ, “What makes Kampong Glam a tourist destination?”. Supplemented with the data collected during the field work, teachers guide students to analyse, validate and/or disprove the hypothesis students have crafted prior the field work.

North Vista Secondary School

Teachers make use of authentic data from ArcGIS Online to connect with the topic presently discussed. Students assume the roles of advisors and developers to propose and decide on the most appropriate location to build a hot springs resort. Students use ArcGIS Online to understand the impact of plate movements and collate this data via Google Form to support their proposal.

Woodgrove Secondary School

Teachers guide students to leverage the layers in ArcGIS Online to make sense of the inquiry question "Why do people stay near volcanos?". Students work with different layers in ArcGIS Online to understand the impact of living near volcanoes. Teachers use the features within the LMS system to capture students' thoughts of these findings as part of the inquiry process.

Yishun Secondary School

Teachers guide students to use historical and current data from ArcGIS Online to study the relationship between temperature, rainfall and physical elements such as latitude, altitude and distance from the sea to decide on the best time of the year to visit selected cities in India.