Passed The Halfway Mark

Olivia Castillo 12/10/15

SEMESTER ONE IS ALMOST OVER!!! There's excitement in the air, Christmas is around the corner and the first semester is just about over. Though there is dread of finals and the radical studying going on, there is much time to reflect on the semester.


Handling the Frightful Fours (AKA- Pre K)

Step 1: Take a deep breath and enter the room. Do not underestimate the children.

Step 2: After the eruption of yelling, give hugs and greet the savages. Be sure to say hello to all so none are offended.

Step 3: Get the behavior sheets and listen to the ridiculous reasons of why the monsters got their colors changed.

Step 4: After lecturing, help them create whatever it is they are supposed to.

Step 5: Clean the barbarians filth.

Step 6: Help pack up.

Step 7: Say goodbye.

Step 8: Muster up some courage to return the next day.

PSAT's are the Reason I Don't Want to go to College

There I was. Sitting in a room full of sweaty palms and tapping pencils. I had chewed my nails till my teeth were sore. This kind of pressure was like no other. For the past 8 years I have only had to take one state test. It was the same format, the same studying, and the same anxiety every year until now. This was my first PSAT test. It's pretty much the feeling of a life or death situation. The counselor walked in holding a box full of the test booklets and extra pencils. I felt like passing out. So what does every nervous Catholic do, we pray. I literally began to pray. In the middle of my Amen, I realized the counselor was just finishing up her instructions. I had no idea what she said. In five seconds I blamed everyone in the bible for me not having a clue what we were doing. Then I saw the person in front of me filling in their name. So I was back on track, I filled my name and barcode number in. Then the counselor began talking, but I had no idea what she was saying! She was talking in such a low voice. I was so mad, why couldn't she speak people and not rabbit. I wound up hearing " You may begin.". I opened that horrifying packet, and was thrilled. The first subject was reading. I completed the first page and was pretty sure I had this test in the bag. It was so simple... or so I thought. I turned to the next page and they were using words like abscond and calumny. Why on earth didn't we have a dictionary. The math made me tear up because one part we weren't allowed to use a calculator and I had absolutely no clue what to do. The rest of the test was just as horrific. I honestly don't want to go to college because of this test.

Being Confirmed and the Long Road Leading to it

For two years, the sophomore class studied every Wednesday. We went to Church every single Sunday and Holy days of obligation. We wrote in journals about what we learned in mass. We went on a retreat with our sponsor. We wrote an essay on the saint we chose to represent us. Why would we do any of this when we could have been hanging out with friends or shopping? Because each of us made the decision to be closer to God and our faith. After countless hours reviewing and studying so we didn't get caught off guard by the bishop, we were confirmed on November 8, 2015. Everyone was dressed to the nines and the ceremony went off without a hitch. The bishop asked about four people questions and they were all answered flawlessly. He even complimented our teacher for having us so well prepared. St. Johns Catholic Church was never fuller with a bunch of proud people.