My teen culture

From a 13 yr old

Core values

Some of my core values are the internet. The internet alows people to find anything out they want which is bery important to our generation.

I would say my friends are more important to me in my life now. I only have my 9 yr old sister so it is hard to find things we both enjoy.

I would say I am in between religion and secualr because while my family is christian we dont really go to church exept on special occasions.

Customs and Traditions

In my family we celebrate all of the secular holidays. Some are Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Birthdays, St patrics day, Valentines day and others.

Some of the traditions we do in my family are every year we travel down to my cousins house for christmas and a week of summer vacation.

At my dads every other week we make pizza and watch a movie for dinner.


In my house we only speak English although when I am texting or instant messaging my friends I tend to use "Slang". Usaully only teens use this made up language. It does not consist of real words. It was made becuase in some cases teens have to pay for a certain amount per text and by adding all these short forms they were saving money. Also teens are lazy.


Some Aritfacts that are important to me are my phone, dog, electronics and my pool.

I tresure my phone very much. It alows me to connect with my peers, make plans, play a game or watch an instructional video in minutes. My dog is very important to me. I got her when I was eight. She is very comforting to be around and gives me an excuse to go for a run. My electronics are not as important as my dog or phone but they are still very entertaining, they are great if your bored or just wanting to kill time. Finally my pool, my pool is the best during summer. I cant wait for the snow to melt so I can go for a cool swim.