English at it's best

Brooke Carter / block 7

All about me

I'm funny, bubbly, & sporty. I love playing soccer & doing indoor track. I hope to get a college degree in nursing when i get older !

What's the purpose????

I think other people should know a little about me & what i like to do. Also my accomplishments. I will benefit by learning how to use websites like this.

6 word memoir

i'm me, don't like? don't care !

I'm like a star because i'm bright.★

my FAVORITE quote

"...it doesn't matter where you came from, or who your parents were. What counts is who you are." ~Barbara Jordan

-I agree because you shouldn't view someone on their past or who their family is. Look at them at who they are.

thoughts about persuasive essay

I won best personality. In my essay my weaknesses were not knowing what to write about. I likes the assignment a lot, it was fun writing about what award we would want to win. I honestly would not change a thing about the assignment.