Down Syndrome

Should you know asap?

How is it inherited?

Down Syndrome is inherited by having 1 extra chromosome to the 21st chromosome. Adding another to the 23 average chromosomes.


  • Flat facial features
  • Small head and ears
  • Short neck
  • Bulging tongue
  • Eyes that slant upward
  • Oddly shaped ears
  • Poor muscle tone

Some treatments for Down Syndrome

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Financial aid for families with a child that has down syndrome. It can be difficult to get individualism and requires a heavy amount of money. Financial aid can either speed that process up or help with the major costs. The US Government provides money to low-income people who have disabilities and this is great for families struggling with the costs of treatment.

Lets talk about tests

There are three main tests that can be done during pregnancy. A pregnancy screening and give a fairly accurate chance of having a child with down syndrome. The integrated screening test, which looks at the child but in the first and second trimester. Finally, a cell-free DNA test, looks into the mother's blood and can determine the chance of a child with down syndrome.

I believe every mother should have this test, of course at that their own will, but to fully understand on what is to come can be healthy for the parents. Parents should be realistic with their pregnancies, having a child isn't a walk through a park and either is a child with down syndrome. It can be tough, and I feel the testing be done for every mother. Although, I also believe it's their choice to have the test done.