We are working on reading responses. Those are similar to what you may remember as a written book report. Students read a book of their choice for 30 minutes, then respond to the text by writing a quick response to let me know what they have been reading.

We are also working on pulling evidence to support our opinions from text. They read articles or books then explain how they think about the information they learned, then find evidence from the text to support their thinking. This is the step just before they learn to cite the text for research.

Our extended text is still Glory Be. Students have learned a lot about how life in the early 1960's was and we compare it to how life is now. They are learning about Civil Rights, Women's Sufferage, and segregation.


Students completed their guided informational piece last week and most students completed their unguided informational piece this week. They learned to plan how to write to convey information, research their topics, draft, edit, revise, and publish at a third grade level. I have briefly looked over the writing submitted today and can say without a doubt that it is much better than the opinion pieces from first quarter. It makes me smile to see how far they have already come.


The first unit test for the 2nd quarter is behind us. Almost everyone demonstrated a clear understanding of how and when to use the commutative, distributive, and associative properties of multiplcation. They also showed that they can determine what operation is necessary to solve 1 and 2 step word problems. We are currently working on patterns, growing patterns and how patterns are evident in all the multiplication facts.

If your child has not learned the multiplication tables through 9, please work with them each night. There is a list in the front of each Agenda Book for reference.


We completed the American Hero Unit about Susan B. Anthony today and will take the Unit Assessment on Monday. Your child should have a timeline, study guide, booklet, and various other materials used while learning about Susan B. Anthony to use while studying this weekend.

Don't forget that I also shared a, created by Andrew Zeng that closely follows the study guide. I mentioned that I did not see how I would find time to create a Susan B Anthony, and Andrew said he would take care of it. The next evening, he shared his creation with me and after only a few changes, it was ready to publish to Classdojo. I really appreciate his help and am proud that he followed the directions and was able to help our class learn with his contribution. For those of you who do not know Andrew, he is a student in our class.

After taking the test on Monday, I will introduce the next American hero, Mary McLeod Bethune. We will spend next week learning about her and take the assessment on Friday.

The following week we will introduce and learn about Frederick Douglass. The assessment for Frederick Douglass will be the Friday before Thanksgiving Break.


Students took the assessment on Rocks and Minerals last Friday. I should have their scores in the gradebook by the end of this weekend. I have graded a lot of items over the past few weeks, but haven't had a chance to upload them. My plan is to take care of that this weekend.

The next unit for Science is Soil. My plan is to introduce soil the week we come back from Thanksgiving Break.


Nov 10 Dogwood Pizza Night

Nov 11 Boosterthon Fun Run

Nov 13 Veterans Day Assembly

Nov 17 Sparkles Skate Night

Nov 19 Chick-fil-a Spirit Night

Nov 23 – Nov 27 Thanksgiving Break


We celebrate November birthdays with Raegan Dickey and Jeri Owens. Raegan's birthday was the 4th and Jeri's will be on the 18th.

2 of the 5 3rd grade students who were accepted to Science Olympiad are from our class. We congratulate Caleb Tsehaye and Yash Gandhi.

Congratulations are also in order to celebrate Reflections winners, Yash Gandhi and Nia Wright. I am so very proud of these and all of my students!