Ecstasy Drugs

By Jabiely Guzman and Kara McKeon

What is MDMA?

Ecstasy (MDMA) is a chemical drug, that affect the brain. It can be classified as a stimulant and hallucinogenic. In the drug, there is sometimes substitutions such as caffeine or cocaine, which makes people question the purity of it.

Effects of the Drug

Ecstasy will increase your heart rate and blood pressure. Physical effects include tremors, muscle cramps, nausea, faintness,sweating, and blurred vision. The drug can create a risk of dehydration, which can lead to dangerously high temperatures.

Long term effects include depression, anxiety, and memory loss. this drug can not only damage the brain, but can also affect your looks.


Appearance of the drug

Ecstasy is a small, circular pill that can have various pictures to make the drug seem welcoming such as butterflies or nice words. The drug comes in different colors and sizes. The pill is made of a powder substance and is chalky when it's broken.

Street Names

* Adam
* Beans
* Candy
* Dancing Shoes
* Disco Biscuits
* Doves
* E-bomb
* Egg Rolls
* Happy Pill
* Hug Drug
* Love Drug
* Malcolm (or Malcolm X)
* Molly
* Scooby Snacks
* Smartees
* Sweets
* Skittles

How the Drug affects your family and friends

You put your family and friends at risk an can also put them in tough situations. If you are found with the drug your family would be put in financial and emotional stress.

People at Risk

Most of the time, young adults are the ones mostly at risk for using the drug. Ecstasy i sold at underground night clubs, raves, and bars. If you are old enough to get into any of the three, you are at risk of using ecstasy.

Why teenagers do drugs

  • Peer pressure
  • curiosity
  • they think it will make them feel good
  • they want to feel older
  • they think it will reduce stress
  • they want to "fit in"
  • they're bored
  • they want to rebel

Ways to help strengthen your resistance skills

  • Being around the right crowd
  • Staying away from "party" environments
  • Have self-confidence
  • Educate yourself about the drug

What Can You Do About It

If someone you know is using or at risk of using drugs, these are the things you can do.Tell the person what the drug does to human bodies to get them disgusted or at least until they know that it puts their lives at risk.Advise them to get help from a counselor etc.Tell them that they have to tell their parents so they also can help.Be there for the person so that they know their not alone comfort the person and give them advice about the situation.

5 Interesting Facts

  1. In the U.S, 12 million people have taken ecstasy.
  2. The drug was first made in Germany in 1912, to try to create appetite suppressant.
  3. MDMA has recently moved to private environments, house parties, college dorms, and high schools.
  4. In high doses, the drug can interfere with the bodies ability to regulate temperature.
  5. Ecstasy tablets are branded with small logos pressed into the surface of the pill.