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Killer Protists

~Botfly larvae ( Dermotobia hominis) - Sharp pains under skin. The stages of a Botfly:

1.Deposit eggs on a host or sometimes uses other organisms to attach to the host

2. If on another host the eggs will hatch, and the larvae will be stimulated by the warmth of another organism, then drop onto its skin and burrow underneath.

3. Some forms of botflies occur in the digestion trap.


- Feel them move when you shower or cover the wound up

- Elevated white cell count

~Malaria (Plasmodium Falciparum)- can get by being bitten by a mosquito


1. developing fetus may get the disease from its mother.


- a cold stage (chills and shivering)

- hot stage (fever and seizures)

- sweating stage (tired)

- the most common symptom would be:


- chills

- nausea and vomiting

- sweats


~Entamoeba histolytica (Scientific name) - looked like he was dying (turning grey)

They survive in soils, water and foods. when swallowed they cause infections by excysting in the digestive tract.


1. no symptom

2. vague gastrointestinal distress

3. dysentery ( blood and mucus)

4. ulcerative and abscess pain and rarely,

5. intestinal blockage


- dysentery

- bloody diarrhea

- weight loss

- fatigue

- abdominal pain

~Schistosomiasis (Schistosoma mansoni)- The eggs start in the water, they find snail, lay eggs, grow larvae, then the humans triggers them with fatty acid, and lastly they enter human in three stages:

1. Attach to the skin

2. Find opening most likely a hair follicle

3. Omits acid that opens up a hole in the skin, and they live in the bloodstream.


- early fazes of infection have no symptoms.

-Within days of infection you could get a rash on your skin.

- Fever chills, cough, and muscles aches can occur months into infection.

- If eggs, they travel to the intestines, liver or bladder causing inflammation or scarring

-Years of infection can damage liver, bladder, lungs, and intestines.

- children can develop anemia, malnutrition and learning difficulties if infected repeatedly.

- if found in Brain or Spinal Cord they can cause seizures, paralysis or spinal cord inflammation.

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